Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome Winter

Yep, it's here. The snow started in the wee morning hours on Saturday and it kept on until Sunday. Just like that winter makes its way to us and the entire ground is covered in a serene, fresh blanket of white. There is just something about the first snowfall of the season that makes my heart skip a beat - it truly is breathtaking. 

 Of course the kids were so excited to get out in play in the fluffy white stuff, I had trouble getting all their snow gear on. Desi almost had hers together but ran outside without her mittens. Here she is with her cheesiest of grins and her hair all bundled up inside her hat.

 And my little man; love his chilly cheeks and big bright blue eyes. Last year at one year old, he wasn't quite sure he even liked snow. This time around, he was full speed ahead.

Eventually they let me come in and once Cole was all warmed up and taking his nap, Desi and I had some craft time. She colored in her Hello Kitty coloring book and I busied myself with some snowy themed cards. I have never thought of myself as much of an artist when it comes to painting. Most of my painting look like a child's, but I guess that is the beauty of them. A couple weeks ago I was playing around and had snowflakes on my mind and below was the result. I thought it might make a cute piece of wintery art for Desi's room. Then I got the idea to scan it into my computer and use it as patterned paper.

I figured I would start small with a couple cards and a matching tag. I love this color combo of white, lavendar, aqua and silver. So....well....snowy!

Two of my favorite words for the upcoming holiday season: JOY and REJOICE. That pretty much sums it up. Joy because it is my mom's name and it is the most utterly wonderful feeling a person could have. Rejoice because we are victorious in that a Savior was born to us. Perfect.

I was more than filled with joy this morning as I read Teresa Collins blog and to my delight saw my name listed as one of the finalists for her design team! How exciting! Wish me luck friends, as a decision will be made this week as to who the selected designers are. How awesome to have the chance to submit and create some fantastic projects that I fell in love with as I created them.  I'll share those with you all later this week. That's all for tonight...

nite, nite -


Sophia said...

Super cute cards and tags. Holding thumbs for you on TC deal...♥

Kelly McMaster said...

These are gorgeous photos of the kids! They are getting so big!!
I love your projects too--such talent! I will be praying for you and your family as the holidays approach

Pinky said...

Hey beautiful, looking at your pictures makes me long for a white winter. I love a snowy winter I feel so free in the white snow. Great pictures of course and love the PP.
Hope you make the final cut on TC ♥

Stella said...

You are SO CREATIVE!!! Love your idea for patterned paper!

BethieJ said...

Niki LOVE your photos.. the kiddos are getting so big.. and I ADORE your cards, and tag.. that PP you made was BEAUTIFUL!!! GOOD LUCK on the DT gig!! I hope you get it!! You know I LOVE your work girly!!
Hope your having a GREAT day!